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Monday, February 9, 2009

Pokedex #150 : Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo

Status :
Type : Psychic
Ability : Pressure
Height : 6'7"
Weight : 269.0 lbs

Description :
A Pokemon created by recombining Mew's genes. It's said to have the most savage heart among Pokemon.

Information :
Mewtwo was a psychic powerhouse, with amazing stats in both Special Attack and Speed, making it rival only one other Pokemon in the game - Alakazam. It could be caught at the end of Cerulean Cave, which would only open up in R/B/Y if you had defeated the Elite Four, and in FR/LG if you completed a really annoying sidequest after defeating the Elite Four. Mewtwo's signature move is Aura Sphere, but it can be learned by 5 other Pokemon which will all be covered.
Mewtwo is a creature with a humanoid posture, but has many feline features. Created by cloned from Mew that exists quietly in an undiscovered cave. It was created by scientists through genetic manipulation of Mew's DNA involving repeated recombination, gene splicing, and other DNA experiments over many years. While its DNA is mostly similar to the original Mew DNA, Mewtwo is very different in both its body size and personality.Mewtwo's body is grayish-purple with a purple underside and a long, purple tail. Mewtwo has three digits on each appendage. It has purple eyes and two short ears.
One of Mewtwo's most notable features is the tube extending from the back of its skull to its spine. It is most likely a secondary spinal cord, or a system of nerves, allowing for an increased amount of blood and sensory transmission to the brain, heightening its psychic powers.

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